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The Adventures of Kim Koala: A Journey to the Land Down Under

Every country has a unique set of cultures and people. As children, we were taught to explore more, to see for ourselves the wonders of the world through the eyes of people coming from different countries as their perspectives speak of their origins. With fun, engaging books, it is now easier to teach children about the world’s diversity and help them know more about the world.

Koala Down Under: The Adventures of Kim Koala is Janet McCullagh Thomas’ superb contribution to the world of children’s literature. The book follows the story of Kim Koala and her friends, Ben the Aborigine, Ken Kookaburra, Emma Emu, Joe the Kangaroo, and Wallie Wombat as they travel Australia, discovering the beauty of the land down under. Released in 2014, the book is only under 66 pages but is filled with illustrations and engaging dialogues that will surely immerse the kids into an adventure of a lifetime.

Thomas’s inspiration for the book came from her family, her kids and grandchildren whom she shared the story with, hoping that others will see a part of the world at the comfort of their homes. Using the indigenous animal Koala and aborigines as her main character, Thomas not only shows that her characters are original but also encourages authors to use indigenous elements in their vicinity and be adventurous in making stories about their origins as it will teach kids to be proud of their ancestry and ethnicity. Thomas is not only able to tour Australia through her words but also paints a beautiful picture of paradise in the country showing its diverse set of creatures, cultures and traditions. The authors’ choice of characters shows her knowledge, and that is what she imparts to this wonderful book for children.

Books that teach about ethnicity and origins will leave a lasting impact on kids who are yet to explore the world. It develops their sense of curiosity and allows them to practice their consciousness when it comes to other people’s practices. Thomas makes her readers see the importance of learning through adventures and fiction, which is important in today’s world.

Janet McCullagh Thomas’ Koala Down Under: The Adventures of Kim Koala will bring out the child in you with fun illustrations and engaging activities that teach about the aborigines of Australia and explore the country all in one go. The book’s premise is simple and written in a text that is easy to understand. Kim Koala’s character and the rest resonate with a friendship full of learning and acceptance that shows children how to value relationships in life. Thomas’s ability to make such an interesting book is perfect for kids and parents who also want to bond during bedtime or hang out by reading.

Janet McCullagh Thomas really gives her readers an adventure of a lifetime, filled with learning, friendship, and beauty of the land down under

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