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The Adventures On the Open Road

One jeep to carry two souls: a loving daughter and a caring father, in three different countries. What awaits them on their adventures on the open road?

When a father and daughter decide to cross from London to Bulgaria through three different countries, an adventure awaits them. Heather, an experienced distance driver and a dressage rider, often embark on travels from Ireland to Wales or even driving miles and miles on end in Spain. Still, she never once tested what distance meant until she and her father decided to. She considers herself fit because she's training at least four times a week with Ebony Lady, her lovely horse, as she was a dressage rider. A jeepney for transport, packed to the top with household items, and a large storage box full of heavy household and garage machines, they venture into the open road. For them, the open road meant something not just to go from one place to another; it became the freedom you seek, like the decision you make when you are on the crossroads of your destiny, leading you closer to your dreams. When life seems not to farewell, they ride. When things go south, and all that is in between are chaos, they ride. And when the tides do not favor them, they ride. With their fondness of each other, the father-child dyad does not know distance as a peril to their familial love but rather a holiday and an avenue to bring them closer together, considering Heather's father was away for two years, albeit they spoke on the phone nearly every day.

Although we expect it to be of fairy tales and sunshine daisies for every journey, it brings forth its lover of nightmares and bleak landscapes. The tale is about seeking adventures, growing relationships, overcoming turmoil, and most importantly, knowing that a father and a daughter's love are not eclipsed by something as trivial as distance.

Heather Jaynes is the author of A Daughter's Journey: The Love Between a Father and Daughter Knows No Distance. A short time after settling back to everyday life, life for Jaynes consisted of waking up to detailed nightmares and crying about how her dreams felt like reality until writing consoled her to get past it. She gives care to people for 26 years and finds comfort in it.

Currently, she takes care of her husband, who has dementia, and her sister, who is moderately intellectually disabled. They enjoy going out on the occasional long drive, stop for a meal, and take photographs. Aside from writing, she enjoys life through horses. As a dressage rider herself, she has two horses, of which her 23-year-old one recently retired after spending 15 years riding with her. She is mentioned in the last chapter of her book. She dreamt of writing and finishing a book many times over until her husband influenced and inspired her to write her book, "A Daughter's Journey."

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