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The Apocalyptic 2020: From Tragedy To Crisis

Apocalypse comes with no definite date; it is slowly and continuously happening. Does this make sense to you? Far from the prophesized apocalypse through natural destruction, it is more disturbing that such an event is on the surface because of mortal deeds.

See an illustration put into words and take a notch deep into your worldview about current events through the book 'Apocalyptic 2020.' It is a book reflective of the highlights of events in 2020: The 2020 Presidential election, the racism and social unrest (Black Lives Matter (BLM) resulting from the Murder By Police (MBP)), which became a worldwide event, and the COVID-I9 pandemic that made us rethink how we go about our lives. It contains a depressing theme but is lighten-up with uplifting poems, poems to ponder about, and of inspiration, to inflict hope and optimism amidst the darkness in our world.

It is a work that will let us delve into the crisis we are facing, with which we are the ones responsible for creating and mending.

Saundra T. Russell, a.k.a STaR (her initials), is a 71-year-old multi-award-winning, published poet. She has been a poetry writer since the fourth grade and is in the Poetry Fest Hall of Fame. She grew up in a humble yet joyous and love-filled household, and she is accomplished as a certified image consultant, a 50 year Registered Nurse and a retired 36year Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, and a retired member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, after graduating with a Master's degree from NYU.

Having been living with diagnoses of multiple sclerosis (after going blind twice), fibromyalgia, and chronic sciatica with the related mental and physical pain and lifelong dyslexia, Saundra has been through a lot. Despite this, she never had a wavering faith and optimism. Writing poetry has also been her relief and comfort giver.

Here is an insightful poem she wrote (an excerpt from 'Apocalyptic 2020):


It started as a horrendous day

Ending up, 'twas just as bad, I'd say

The kind that can make you sad

Or maybe you can get quite mad

The day began in a bad way

Everything went wrong, I'll pay

But I refused to let it make me sad

And wouldn't let it get me mad

Then the day did turn around

Without giving me nary a sound

Everything then began to go right

All was well by bedtime that night

The next day was the best

As I had gotten plenty of rest

From sun up until sundown

Having the best day in my town

When all things have gone wrong

You should sing your favorite song

Because bad times do not last

Always remember - this too shall pass!


Two quotes that inspired her personal life are 'LOVE THYSELF' and 'THIS TOO SHALL PASS.' The former speaks that if we love ourselves, we can also give love to others. By so doing, hate and discrimination would have no place in this world. The latter is forward-thinking that every battle we have will come to an end. Though sometimes it will take longer than we expect, eventually, it won't torment us a lifetime.

As a dedicated writer, she has also published two other books entitled 'PTSD: Putting The Story Down' and '16 is Sweet, 61 is Fabulous.' Expected is a book co-authored by her husband Peter Tesoriere will soon come out entitled, 'Rap or Sing to Nutrition and Exercise.' Additionally, there will be two more books about 'PTSD workbook for civilians' and a continuation of the events of 'APOCALYPTIC 2020 through 2021.'

In these troubling times, we all need to be critical and get involved with the current issues surrounding us. Awareness is one thing we can start with to make a change.

Grab a copy of Apocalyptic 2020 and know more about author Saundra and her future works through

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