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The Art of Music: How it changed us for the better?

Like writing, music also has the power to reveal yourself. If writing needs words, then music needs sounds.

However, we are often stuck in a particular question: Does music change the musician or us?

My Name Is Clive: A Life Journey Through Music is a book that tells about the life and times of a radical hardcore guitarist: Clive Headley. Written by Headley himself, he generously shares his experiences as he currently explores the field of music. This book is highly recommended for inspiring musicians, particularly guitarists, to be guided as they risk their time and hope in the industry. Headley shares his struggles and influence and how he could reach the peak of his success in the music industry. Beyond fame and unquestionable guitar skills, Headley also expressed his insights about music, which will genuinely help the aspiring musicians.

On top of that, every word written in this book is remarkably genuine. Indeed, the book will make you fall in love and will make you deeply inspired by music. You can also listen to his soothing music on Spotify titled, Out of a Dream. To find more about Headley, check out his website: Going back to the question: does music changed the musician or us?

To analyze the situation, there will be no music without a musician. In other words, music and musicians are one. When you say you are changed because of particular music, you also conclude that that musician changed you. Even in writing, it is impossible to say that the book changed you but reject the idea of how the author changed you too. The work and the creator always bring the same effects. Like Headley’s book, it will enlighten you that musicians are creating music for their benefits and the people who need a sense of companionship in times of need because music is the only friend in the world that does not need anything in return. It just plays every time you need to and will gladly tell you through hymns that you are not alone in life.

On top of that, Headley is so generous enough that he even wants you to communicate with him anytime you want to. Indeed, an epitome of music that will always be there in times of need. In conclusion, music not only changes us, but it also connects us to other places and people.

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