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The Art Within You

Dwelling through the deep waters of our lives—we often find ourselves endlessly seeking the light that will inherently take us off from it. But when we are out of chances to cast off our own selves from a devastating situation, we express it implicitly through the help of art. We look for blank notes and write poems, short stories, or novels; find the old guitar hidden in the basement and play with its strings; paint a blank canvass with a menacing combination of colors. In other words, there are ways you can do to divulge those negative energies residing in you into something beautiful. Even Katherine Betham, author of The Order of Controversy—her second first-class poetry and also the prequel her book titled The Order It Shall Be, Life—stated, "My intention for writing my books is to attract readers that will be inspired to share their life story with the World through Art or through the genre of choice from textiles, literature, music, or song. Whatever the choice is everyone's life should be acknowledged in some type of way, it is our god given talent."

As her book explores the creativity we can reveal amid challenging affairs, Katherine Betham also prompts the beneficial effects of being productive instead of always overthinking a particular situation. The Order of Controversy is filled with striking words and inspiring art images, which will give you a sight to behold. It is a book entitled of so much authenticity and recognition, for it helps—particularly women—to never stop fighting for your goals despite countless failures. Additionally, the book sparks creativity within us because of its artful content and vibe. Indeed, Katherine Betham has her own unique way of empowering women regardless of numerous drawbacks.

A delegating author, to be sure, Katherine Betham won't fail you for reading her exhilarating books. She is an exemplar of light while the world is still in trouble; above all, she carries a beautiful message to everyone, especially women. Her works tell us that there is always a reason to see yourself in darkness; while we usually see the canvas as unbleached while cloth waiting to be filled with colors, it may be time to see a canvas in a darker color and paint it with shimmering colors. So times have gone by, and you have the chance to look back, you will be grateful for not letting yourself in the blank dark places. But a dark place filled with vibrant colors.

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