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The Author who aims to Spread Love, Kindness, and Hope through her Novels

Growing up, Eleanor Lee Gustaw believed that miracles could happen, and it is indeed a great anchor of faith and hope. Eleanor was shy and timid, but she had a very happy and memorable childhood. Through writing, she learned to express the things that she could not always express verbally, and her imagination brought her to many places.

In everything she does, she gives God credit and believes that her talent is a gift from God. She found ways to be a good writer, and she makes sure she excels at it. Today, Eleanor has written novels that will inspire her readers to love unconditionally, be kind to all of God's creation, and be hopeful about the future's beauty.

Her book, "The Stranger Saga: A Story of Romance and Intrigue," is a story about choosing to love the person you are committed to despite many challenges. The story's main characters are perfect examples of couples who find love in the workplace full of intrigue and challenges but chose to anchor their relationship with their faith in God.

The main characters' life story in The Strangers' first sequel is continued in her book, "The Stranger: A Rookie's Daughter." This time, the story revolves around the daughter of Thea and Gene Ashton. Their daughter follows the same path as her parents, as police detectives, and discovers the job's challenges.

Eleanor Lee Gustaw’s children’s series, based on fact, Book 1, written under her pseudonym: Lee H. Johnson, is entitled "Hope's Lantern: A Journey of Love." The book gives the readers a picture of how hard it is for a mother and a wife to face death and the fear of leaving her loved ones behind. This will surely touch the hearts of the readers.

These books by Eleanor Lee Gustaw will let readers go through a roller coaster of emotions — happiness, love, success, betrayal, death, and many more. But it also teaches us to have faith and believe in God. It tells us to hope that everything happens for a reason and that God will help us overcome life’s challenges. Her inspiring novels will help readers have an optimistic perspective, just like the characters in her novels.

For more about Author Eleanor and her beautifully written works, you can visit her website at

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