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The Benefits of Having an Artwork in Your Home: What are those?

Home-owners often display aesthetic wood carvings, sculptures, vases, and miniatures at home. While those are fascinating artworks, we can't help but notice that paintings are rarely found inside the house. Instead, we find printed photographs. However, there is nothing wrong with it; but if people would only desire to possess at least one painting in their house, do they even wonder what changes it can do in their home?

According to Science, when a person is continuously viewing the art he likes, it triggers a fast release of dopamine in the brain, which we all know, a chemical of desire, pleasure, and love. In other words, merely staring at artwork can make you a lot happier, nurturing your soul and body. Then what more if we bring that stress-relieving painting in comfort our home and enjoy its effortless benefits and healing?

A wealthy banker from Siena, Alessandro Chigi, has a beautiful place that he decided to fill with lovely paintings created by the most talented artists. One of them is Raffaello. The place was called The Villa Farnesina, located in Trastevere, Rome. Carla de Petris shared in one of her blogs about its story, particularly Raffaello's creations. Carla mentioned in her blogs about the artworks and those students who painted the designs created by Raffaello. Those are Verzura, painted by Giovanni da Udine and Amorini and Bestiario, painted by Giulio Romano. These exceptional artworks displayed in The Villa Farnesina were done wondrously by Raffaello and his students.

Until now, The Villa Farnesina is being preserved and kept still the remaining unique and historical artworks of our times. Though it seems impossible these days to have paintings displayed on our home's wall, we should remind ourselves that it is never too wrong to support artists in our present times and let their works bring a sense of comfort in our room. In addition to the benefits that artwork can magically do in our home, it is to see right into the painting and stare at the reflection of your own image. And there you will know that you are just as incomprehensible yet a fascinating work of art, carrying beautiful stories which can never be told explicitly in this world. Anyhow, artworks, regardless of its form, should always have a home. And the house is not required to be vast and beautiful because it is the art that makes the home elegant and marvelous.

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