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You have the liberty to know every person in the world, but you can't befriend all of them. Good friends, although rare, are one of the most incredible things the world has to offer. Just as how rare are the odds of stumbling upon a blue sapphire, it is as infrequent to find friends whom you can consider to be genuinely exceptional.

Life has always been a road to meeting people, and friends are the family you choose for yourself. Throughout the journey on this road, one will inevitably encounter individuals who will not just become one of those who will pass by a fleeting moment but stays and be part of a person for the rest of his life. As life's road can be undeniably dreadful, friends are a breath of fresh air every person needs, for the solace coming from friendly relations is entirely different from anything else in the world. One may find himself in an unkind life situation now and then, and the importance of having good friends lies in there. It is because good friends are those people whom you can count on to walk with you in the dark. They will be your trigger to move forward and encourage you at times when you no longer think you can still manage. And that is the reason why they are your family. Because although you are not related by blood, these people care for you sincerely, without any hint of underlying intentions behind their shadows. Genuine friends may not always have to agree with you, but they will certainly walk you through what they know is best. It can go to the extent that they would even be ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the other because friendships always equate to love.

David Castells Angelet's magnificently written book, La Sagrada Familia, entails a story of friendship amidst overcoming life's most formidable adversities. The book impeccably told the tale of camaraderie and how this is crucial to every person's life. It follows five street children's stories, tied by friendly relations, who struggled together in society's slums. The challenge of their everyday survival on the streets may be as plain as a pikestaff. Still, their relationship's power that allows them to build each other's light and torches also proved itself formidable.

If the family is considered every person's sun and moon, the friends shall be the stars in people's life skies. They are always there, incessantly shining their glimmers in the dark when nothing else can be seen. And even though they may seem to hide behind the clouds, you know that their shine and existence never ceases. Real friends are indeed the most precious and most rare, so if you happen to stumble upon this blue sapphire during your lifelong journey, consider yourself blessed and not just lucky.

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