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The Blueprint of the Truth, The Guide of Life – The Tidings, translated by Nick Mezins

For every one of us, everything – from whats, hows, and whys, whether things exist or do not—has always been a source of intrigue, question, and mystery. This drive for logic and reason and the sense of order that we humans, though we fail at times, strive to pursue whatever form to make sense out of the chaos that is the Universe and what lies yet beyond human comprehension and understanding.

Are we the only sentient beings in this whole expanse of space and time? Why are we sentient? Why are we placed on this specific planet, in this particular epoch, at this particular point in time and space? No one knows for sure. The general disagreement between the multitudes of beliefs, sometimes compatible and sometimes not, may often lead to great division and increasingly unavoidable conflict between humans.

However, not all is bleak as these systems of beliefs have inherent characteristics that provide order among the chaos and set rules and norms that bring out the beauty in a world otherwise governed with disarray. As time goes by, as men develop their mental faculties, it would appear that they understand more of the world around them, yet the more that is revealed, the greater the unknown becomes.

The Tidings explains the religion of the Universe as revealed by the Almighty, the Creator; the path that humanity should take to achieve enlightenment and fulfillment while being here on this Earth, and the philosophy to understand people and the world around us, as concerning of what the truth of the Universe encompassing us.

This book would be the first of The Tidings, a six-part volume of books centered around what the Almighty, through his Spirits, have communicated to a very select group of people. The translator of the book, Nick Mezins, does not claim origination of the book's contents but instead did the painstaking job of translating the texts as accurately as possible; the texts have originated from Latvia during the Second World War from the Almighty and God's spirits, with Nick Mezins' parents himself being part of the small group of people that received the Almighty's message.

The Tidings wishes to supplant neither nor debate existing science and religion. Science is recognized as an important element of the truth in human understanding and is part of the Almighty's grand design. Existing religions are understood as interconnected faiths brought about by different prophets of the Almighty. Furthermore, the theology this book offers neither forces through conscience nor punishes non-belief of it. It provides a path, a guide, on which humans should traverse to achieve a good life on this planet Earth, and should you not subscribe to it, it is by your own free will.

For all the people who are not satisfied with how things are explained in the present and those who see things around us do not make sense, the truth is for you to discover and is within your grasp through The Tidings.

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