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The Calm in the Middle of the Storm: David Castells Angelet and his Journey in Life

Try to sit in a room with no one else and think of how you have been doing. Reminisce and relive everything. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your life? Were you able to go through it all? Or you let it beat you up?

David Castells Angelet is a graduate of Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He may have been done good in engineering, but life had put him up for a great challenge when diagnosed with schizophrenia. Since then, writing became his buddy in life.

David published several books, but one of them became greatly notable for many. In his book entitled Es Que Yo Soy El Kamikaze Japonés, he shared the roller coaster ride of his life. He narrated the different problems that he went through and how he managed to get past them. It was inspired by the emotional situation and the willingness to spread the truth in life.

David believes that God loves us, but not every step we take is our way to Him. Despite every problem he faced, he made sure that it will not cause him and his faith. True enough, he did not let that happen. In every story he shared in his book, he exhibited the true essence of faith and work. He showed what it is like to be blessed by believing and keeping his faith.

David is the epitome of calm in the middle of the storm. With all the chaos that has happened to him and around him, he made sure to stay calm because he knows that he has God. Indeed, faith becomes something more extraordinary when you have faith. Things happen when you have faith. Let every story that David has shared be an inspiration to all to be fair and to do good.

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