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The Challenge of Confronting Those Bearing a Corrupted Heart

All the hate you bear within can be turned and used against you. Holding grudges to people who have wronged us can lead to addictive behavior. Allan Sankirtan says it is our perceptions of our experiences that lead us to harbor strong negative emotions, which we then direct toward others. Our hates cause our hearts to be corrupted, and we feel washed-up, thus, affecting us in ways we never intended. Having a damaged heart can impact how we communicate with our family, friends,

and strangers. To free ourselves, we need to become aware of the beliefs and values that shape our interactions with others. Then, we can cleanse our hearts and face the world with light shining upon our faces.


The Marshmallow and Chocolate Series, written by Allan Sankirtan, holds impeccable wisdom in every book. The series is divided into four books: Beguiled, Entangled, Enchanted, and Empowered. In book one, titled Beguiled, two witches named Callistra and Queen Draconia, motivated by greed and revenge, desire to take control of all trade around the world of Heart. They collect the tears of sadness and regret from thousands of people and distill them into a powerful sadness potion. They then use this to poison all the chocolate exported from Arcadia, causing a dilemma for everyone. To find out how people can resolve this chaos, read the Marshmallow and Chocolate Series. It is available everywhere, and you can enjoy it and learn with it in your free time.

In the Marshmallow and Chocolate Series's first book, we are challenged to confront a profound lesson: All the hate you bear within can be turned and used against you. The world is full of witches. Sometimes, they are just people you naturally love to hate; but the sad part is to find that they are often the people you love and trust. The general lesson we can all learn from the first book: Beguiled, is that we should be mindful of all the feelings we hold dear to our hearts. Even though we all feel sadness and hate, these feelings should not be embraced forever. You are entitled to feel all these emotions, but it is how you transform them and use them for good or for the evil that determines our happiness. The two witches have magnified our negative emotions to give them a chance of taking over the world of Heart. Our task is to become aware of these and transform them to reverse their influence and fill the world with love and creativity to bring happiness to all.

The other books of the series: Entangled, Enchanted, and Empowered, take the characters on a journey of self-awareness so they can confront the forces embodied by the witches, thus transforming their lives and restoring happiness to the world of Heart. There is nothing better than these books to entertain you while helping you grow in awareness. Allan says that when you do, your lives will be enriched in ways you never imagined.

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