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The Creation of the Universe and The Role of Man in Tidings: Volume One Translated by Nick Mezins

It all started in 1943 in the small country of Latvia during the Second World War. It was during these days that there was a group of people who had an intimate relationship with God and received information from the Almighty’s and God’s spirits. This information was written down and eventually typed and was passed on to the children of those who were in the group. This was how the book, The Tidings, translated by Nick Mezins, came to be.

How was the universe created, and why? What is our role on Earth? And what is life like on the other planets? Why are we here, and what is expected of us?

These are just some questions that the book intends to answer. This book is for those who are searching for truth and are willing to question the foundations upon which humanity was built. To question the religion and philosophy of life that were handed down to us by our parents and those that surround us. It tells how a man should live for the collective truth and that Christ’s statement about “Paradise on Earth” is not so unachievable after all.

The book is divided into two parts. The first one explains, clarifies, and supplements the concepts of the Prophets and religious icons such as Buddha, Christ, Indra, Mohammed, Moses, Zoroaster and the prophecies they proclaimed. The second one narrates what truths were hidden from humanity for they might not be able to understand them by the Prophets and how, as science advanced, The Almighty reveals these truths about the universe. It incorporates scientific knowledge with hopes of bringing light to understanding what knowledge is given that is beyond science.

It describes and accurately explains The Almighty’s religion of the universe. This included the reasons as to why the universe was created, how it is governed and brought about and answers what significant role man has on Earth and how man is expected to play in this process. To illustrate and help the readers understand this better, examples from intelligent life on the other planets and stories are given as The Almighty’s religion differs from the religions humanity has already known.

As other religions oppress and are rarely accepting of other religions, the religion of The Almighty recognizes and acknowledges these, and it does not require an individual to join it. Additionally, it does not intend to threaten or condemn the “non-believers” as it permits free will. Its purpose is to understand the universe and provoke thought amongst its readers to question their surroundings and themselves.

The Tidings brings us on a journey full of questions and wanderings about the universe we currently live in. It tells us to ponder the universe that governs us and what we have been living in. This is the truth for all to see and for those who are brave enough to put it into practice.

As Nick Mezins puts it, it is hard to visualize an infinite universe, yet can we visualize an end to the universe?

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