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The Cycle of Life: Following the North Star for Success

Success is the most difficult thing to attain throughout our life as it varies individually. One could define it as having a successful career, owning one's dream car, winning a game, or even just being contented and happy. No matter how you define it, there is one thing in common. It takes a lot of effort to perform the steps to get to your definition of success.

But the good news is - it is not only for a selected few. Everyone has the potential to be successful in all aspects of their life; by nurturing good habits and sticking to them. This is the virtue taught in Frederick Akabai Fidel's "Greatness Without Tears."

This book is written for those who think that quitting is an option. It reminds people that there is hope if you want to grow and be transformed. It also contains real-life stories that impart a valuable lesson for all ages.

An essential factor when seeking success is knowing your core values and aligning your life to honor those values. To find your values, take a few moments to reflect on the principles that you hold near and dear to you. What do you believe in fervently? What would you start a fight about? What would leave a relationship over? These are the core principles that define who you are.

Here are the three tips you might want to consider for pursuing success:

1. Take control of your health. Most people depend on doctors to care for them and avoid doing what it takes to experience radiant health each day. You will have to be an exception. Taking control of your well-being is an essential key to creating a successful life.

2. Understand the power of the mind. Essentially, you are creating your reality all day long with your self-talk. As Napoleon Hill taught in Think and Grew Rich, thoughts are things and powerful things. If you would like success, think success. Consider how you want your life to look and steer your thinking toward your desires.

3. Walk in the footsteps of people who have gone where you want to go. It isn't very reasonable to listen to people settling for the norm when the life you truly desire is within reach. Life calls us to move forward and experience more. We were born to have everything we need to live fully. But going it alone is very expensive and ineffective. The sensible approach is to find a guide.

If you want to get outside the norm and seek your self-defined success, you must know that it can happen to you. The only key is hard work. Just like what Frederick Akabai Fidel said in his book: "The trick is not just to be hungry but to keep working. The day you stop learning marks the day you will stop knowing and the beginning of your failure." As you read this book, it allows you to remain inspired and motivated in everything you are doing.

You need to know that you are worthy of the best. And the real key is that everybody deserves it. We are all connected to an infinite intelligence that wants us to thrive just as much as we do. This infinite intelligence understands our value more than we do with many of us.

So, immerse yourself in an approach for becoming fit for success. Open to your greatness and allow success to come with ease. Learn and grow. You can do it.

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