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The Dark Taal by Dean G E Matthews: A Book Review

Escaping the real world also means reading the fantasy genre in fiction novels. An undeniable charm and glamour lure the readers into being engrossed in reading this type of story. A lot of it emanates from the kind of success and popular culture appeal that fantasy writers seem to command the modern publishing industry.

Dean Matthew, the author behind The Dark Taal, became inexorably drawn to story writing when he was young. His interest started in the literature class he attended. The teacher read the bestselling novel “The Hobbit” to their class. From then he was enthralled for fantasy in fiction. He knew even before that he has this overactive imagination that needs a good release. So, he wrote various fantasy and science fiction short stories over the years. Then, there came the point in time that he decided to publish one of his novels. Passion is a real fuel for writers like him.

The Dark Taal narrates a story about a young boy named Aridain Bruin. His destiny is to find and destroy the fabled Firebrand and Chimera stones. Thousands of years ago, the gods, in order to bring balance and harmony, made the Firebrand stone and the Chimera stone. The Firebrand stone was born of darkness and the Chimera stone born of light. The gods made them accessible to the many races of Aymara, and their balancing influence worked for a time. However, as the races advanced and reason prevailed, the Chimera stone was forgotten over time. It disappeared, leaving the Firebrand stone’s evil unchecked, and the world is once more ravaged by unremitting war.

Upon delving into the novel’s synopsis, it is already giving a hint of exhilarating magic and combats that is a must-watch for the story. Avid readers and audience of the modern kingdom-inspired fantasy in fiction films such as The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings and even The Game of Thrones will definitely love the plot take on of The Dark Taal. This calls again for a hero on a mission kind of protagonist. It also reveals the author’s intention of reflecting on the trappings of modern society. Human has no satisfaction in life. Up to now, we are seeking for peace and harmony in the world we live in. Written as a thought-provoking adventure, it hopes to uplift the value of comradeship, courage, and kindness to triumph over evil. Earning a utopian society is impossible but incorporating values and good virtues in the stories will be enough to get our young readers inspired. We are hoping that they will see humility over any power stones our world has to offer. 

The novel is composed of 192 pages including the prologue, 12 chapters and an epilogue. This is set in a fantasy world inhabited by fantastic creatures and heroic figures where the impossible becomes possible. 

Prepare yourself for mind exploration of wilderness and join the adventure now!

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