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The Distance Between Us And God

During this age where hopelessness has its number of ways to creep in, and everything around us seems to do naught but fall apart, there is one being that we always find ourselves seeking for, and that is God. Out of so many moments of adversity that we get into, there might be times when we think of the question like, where is God? However, the real question comes down to this, is there really a distance between our Father and us?

People of this age often find themselves on the verge of hopelessness and giving up because of various unfortunate events in their lives. Somewhere in the world, some people cry their agony silently because there is no one they could turn to. These people may have lost friends or cut the connection with their families, lost their job, separated from a loved one, or have let go of something they want to keep. The list could go on, but no matter how the amount of this list ends up, none of these things will ever be too easy for the person trying to overcome them. The times when people feel like they've already lost the things that give them sense and assume that they have already given up, there will always be this one moment that will render their hopelessness void and will remind them that they are not alone.

Situations like these reflect on Elfreda Knaus' book, A Town Like No Other. It follows Tom, who woke up from a long period of coma with the feeling of emptiness and hopelessness, finds himself in the countryside of Australia where his life changed by meeting God through notes and letters. This is a magnificently written story that reminds people of how close God is to each of his children. So there was never a distance between us and God our Father. There are just certain times that we forget that He is right beside us. The problems and fears might be causing the people to overlook the simplest things where God manifests Himself, but He is there. He is always present during our darkest hours and sends in storms to us not to break our souls but to clear our paths and lead us on. The reality is that there is no need for us to look where He is because wherever we are is His place to be.

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