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The Dream Life Game: Finding Your True Purpose

Understanding that you have a life purpose and knowing what it helps you retain a feeling of control and peace through the difficult times. It also assists you to objectively view the reason behind the dramas that are played out on your life journey, rather than immersing yourself in them. This is the virtue taught in Carolyn Anne McMahon's 'To Follow a Life After' that reminds its readers that all hardships will come to an end and that there is a reward for all the pain you are currently facing.

Your pursuit of purpose provides you with a meaningful compass with which to gain direction in your life. If you are looking to transition into a new career or find a satisfying relationship, knowing your life purpose can help you know which direction you should head.

Additionally, this search for life's purpose is not just about the meaning of life in some grand, abstract, cosmic sense. It is about the meaning of your life. It is about feeling that purpose at every step of the journey.

The following are the keys to finding your true-life purpose:

1. Being true to yourself is the key to understanding your purpose in life. Often, we do what others expect of us or what society directs us to do. We do not explore our likes and interests, which can lead to a very detrimental result.

2. You should always seek to improve your intellectual and educational capabilities. Never underestimate the value of learning. A learned mind is a mature one, and such maturity will prevent many of the mental obstacles that can keep a person from finding a purpose in life.

3. Finding your life purpose often requires leaning on someone else. Whether it is a friend or relative, making your life purposeful cannot be achieved in isolation.

4. You should always clearly define your goals in life. How can you arrive at your life's purpose if you do not even know what it is?

These things may be difficult to ponder because of the varying adversities we encounter, but always remember that what we are going through is just temporary. Just like what Carolyn Anne McMahon said in her book entitled 'To Follow a Life After': 'There is no happiness at such tragedy and mystery, loss and deceit, but there is peace in achieving purpose.' As you read this book, it allows you to reflect on the adversities you are going through and how you could be able to seek your purpose amidst those conflicts.

Her book also serves as a reminder that in the process of searching for our true purpose, it is essential to look back on our past so we can be prepared for our future. It reiterates to the readers that all of us have the gift of retrospect.

Take the time to reflect upon your life. Think deeply about what excites you, what inspires you, what brings you a sense of accomplishment, and what fills your heart and mind with pleasure. Think about what motivates you to take actions that may be new and uncomfortable.

Only you can decide whether you are carrying on with a true purpose. Your body, mind, and spirit will be so connected that the right people, events, and opportunities will come to you easily. Your mental state will feel peaceful and focused. You will become an unstoppable dream builder, and people around you will be inspired to pursue their dreams.

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