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The Environment and The World: La Classe by David Castells Angelet

Scientists have already warned us that we only have 12 years to fix the planet or else it wouldn't be sustainable to live in anymore. When capitalists are at our door, and we are one foot away from extinction, how exactly should we do this? Many experts have already talked about the dangers of not taking care of the environment and how we are the most responsible for its care and keeping as its main living beings. In David Castells Angelet's new book La Classe he attempts to make sense of what the scientists are telling us when it comes to taking care of the world we are living in.

Published in June of 2021, La Classe is a fictional book that illustrates the consequences of people's negligence of the environment. In this book, David Castells Angelet explains that the environment is an impending issue and that, without our help, it would not be livable in the next few years. Even without the experience of being a scientist, the author takes his time to do his research in order to illustrate a world that is void of reason, one that has forgotten that the environment is the most important thing above all others. While some other books that talk about the environment bank on the fear of the people about the ending of the world, David Castells Angelet will reignite the reader's passion for curiosity and knowledge as he shares his own findings through masterful narratives.

Instead of fear-mongering, he lays down the facts in simple terms, making it easier for the readers to understand the jargons that can hinder understanding of the world's current situation. The author talks about the possibilities and solutions that we can do to save the world we are living in and his observations of the problems we might encounter in the long run. Nonetheless, the book is an interesting take on environmentalism and the impacts of environmental negligence in a fictional way.

In the past few years, we have seen incredible damage from the effects of climate change. Many advocates such as Greta Thunberg have already warned us that continuing to ignore the needs of the environment might lead to humanity's extinction. La Classe might be fictional, but it is a reminder that we must take action now, not when it's too late to do so. It offers the readers a chance to change their perspectives about their own habits and their own ways that hurt the environment and increase their awareness of the environment.

David Castells Angelet spares no details in this book and enables the readers to take a peek into the consequences of an unsustainable world. This book is perfect for everyone as readers enthrall themselves into the knowledge and make them come to the reality that the world might not be perfect, but it does need to be taken care of一 for the future, the children, and for ourselves included. It is a wonderful book that is downright factful, fictional, and a must-read for everyone.

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