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The Essence of Life through Poems: Golden Disc Rising in the East

What is the essence of human life?

Such a question cannot be answered with only one or two words because the matter is complicated, and only God knows the true essence of human life. Literature has always been helpful in describing the true essence through stories that depict circumstances and challenges that push one to their limits. As we are in the most chaotic era of our lives, advocate Salim A.S. Mulla’s poems will make you ponder about life and our purpose in this world.

Golden Disc Rising in the East was released in 2018. The 74-page book comprises poems that not only deal with the philosophy of nature like Wordsworth but also dive into the discussion on the essence of human life. Poems like “Love,” “Death,” “Soul,” “Life,” “Time,” “Mother,” “The Mind,” “Time,” “Chastity of Judiciary,” “Law,” “Mother India,” and “God” reflects the poet’s perspective toward human life and comments on its complexity and obliviousness even in hard circumstances. Mulla’s poems are written with such an artistic precision that they are concerned with all poetic and stylistic devices in terms of form, theme, and poetic diction. He makes a connection through his poems and highlights the complex relationship of nature, humans, and God, like William Blake’s poems.

Salim Mulla’s take on the essence of human life is unique and realistically depicts the complexities of humanity. Their relationships, decisions, and their purpose in life. Most of the poems are philosophical in nature, but each stanza's impact can fully immerse the reader and leave them pondering and wanting for more. The book can act as a guide through times where we do not understand ourselves, and each word is embedded with different thoughts一 one that will make the readers think of their own actions and decisions in their lifetimes.

While most poetry nowadays deals with love and loss, Mulla offers a fresh philosophical perspective that does not dwell too much on loving but subtly takes apart the topic piece by piece, breaking it down to its essence to make the thought more understandable. His words will leave a mark on the readers as each stanza is filled with thoughtful words that will leave one wondering.

The book is a representation of what it's like to be human, and Mulla does provide not only his own perspective but also an observation of how he sees the world he lives in. Through his words, readers will feel strong, tense emotions that will bring them to the edge and eventually lead them to enlightenment and more discussions about everything that matters in this world. Furthermore, it will leave you with a certain kind of understanding that will change how you think, act, and feel as a human being.

Mulla’s book serves as a reminder that we are human, and thus, our story may differ, but our purpose is the same. Golden Disc in the Rising East is such a compelling book perfect for all ages.

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