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The Essence of Spirituality to Solve Life's Puzzle

Life is what you make it— goes the famous adage, which has, in most cases, impacted man's existence in this rather complicated world so deep that he cast away things that he deemed not needed in this life.

Man tends to attuned himself to things in this temporal world, which evolves having material possessions, yet he is still not happy. For any undertakings taken, it comes as not a surprise to hear people saying, "What's in it for me?" living proof that man is self-centered.

The biggest challenge that we face today is sowing good deeds knowing that we will reap the harvest with the correct assumptions that what goes around comes around. Human as we are, we make mistakes, but one may ask--Have we ever gone deeply talking to ourselves to check if we repeat our past mistakes?

Repetitions in life are what Author Betsyboo wants her readers to ponder in her book, "Bits and Pieces: Life's Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle, which touches the life cycle from birth to adulthood then wander through life and stopping half-way and never get answers, but in adulthood, it comes back to us. The real essence is knowing how to grasp the situation by waiting patiently and checking inspiring words of wisdom through the Bible verses, which completely quenches our thirst and gets the meaning that we lost along the way.

Why is there a need to write it down and wait for God's answers? We reflect the path that we choose—the Jig-saw puzzle needs to enjoin the life span ranging from wisdom, words, vision, mistakes, journey, which paves the way for a wiser path, the opening of the universe, weather patterns of family trees and helping others as we go.

Put together bits and pieces of our travel, Betsyboo believes that there is a need to check on the following: Hope sees the light in the darkness, There's a will, there's a way, Honor mother and father, being healthy, wealthy, and wise, Birds of the same feather flock together, and steps to heaven.

This spiritually-inclined author sees the family's role and the value that men should observe as logical workers, women towards their children, and children back to their parents.

Readers may find it interesting to get into valuable tips on how to listen without interrupting, promise without forgetting, forgive without punishing, speak without accusing, among others. Bits and Pieces: Life's Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle will soon be published, get updated by visiting her website at A must-read book for more enlightenment on how to unravel life's puzzle.

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