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The Eternal Hope and Love Within Us

In a world where things and life can end in just the blink of an eye, it's easy to lose hope and love. But what if we told you that those feelings never really die? That they're always there, just waiting around the corner until your heart and soul are prepared to meet them.

For Beatrice, this is her story. A woman whose expectations of love are turned upside down after meeting a man who introduces her to a life of darkness. A life where hope is just a memory and love doesn't exist.

Though it was hidden away and battered, it was still alive and waiting for her. With a new outlook on life, Beatrice can find her way back to the surface. And in the end, she learns that the love and hope within us are eternal.

But who is Beatrice anyway?

Beatrice is the main character in KLS Fuerte's first novel "Never Saw You Coming." It's a gripping, edge-of-your-seat emotional novel about a young woman who believes that eternal love is possible. However, when she comes face-to-face with a devil who blows beautiful and bright dust into her eyes, causing her to fall into hell, she discovers that love and hope can be found even in the darkest of places.

The writing is raw, honest, and intimate. It truly feels like you're right there with Beatrice as she falls in and out of love. But beyond that wonderful masterpiece of a plot, what makes this book so captivating is KLS Fuerte's development.

Since 2015, KLS Fuerte has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, a neurological and incurable illness which periodically causes chaos in her life, but writing saves her mind from darkness. She studied English literature despite being a native French speaker and, afterward, became qualified to teach languages at Oxford University.

Eventually, she wrote her first book, Never Saw You Coming, a work of fiction that involves many lines and paragraphs inspired by her own love and travel adventures, fiascos and lessons.

And that is why, when you read this book, you feel like you're right there with her. You feel the raw emotion, the passion, and the love that she has poured into it. This is a book that is so much more than just a story.

It's a story of hope, love, and resilience — a story of never giving up, even when the darkness seems insurmountable.

It's a story that will stay with you long after you finish reading it.

We highly recommend picking up a copy of Never Saw You Coming. It's an amazing read that will leave you feeling inspired, hopeful, and longing to read the sequel: Now, live with that!

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