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The Feather in the Author's Hat

Writing has always been a medium for change. Whether it is to inspire people, persuade people, or share knowledge. Writing a piece will be more meaningful when it has a purpose. An author's foundation comes from these purposes. The work they write carries out their will and hopes to reach the audiences that need to read their words.

Every published book across the world has the purpose of changing someone's life. And every author who writes from their heart desires this kind of result. Author Cynthia Harry may serve as the exemplar of this kind of author. She founded a company named Live to the Max in 1994. This company is carrying out her purpose as a writer. Like Cynthia, Live to the Max aims to make the world realize how important Jesus' role is in the world and people's lives.

Cynthia speaks so much about human life, faith, and overcoming God-given challenges. Her written pieces are friendly and realistic, and it conveys real daily life struggles and situations people can relate to. On that note, her books also provide answers and solutions to the problems presented.

Cynthia lives in her books. Her written words are her way of traveling places, time, and touching people's lives. As these books continue to be printed and lay in people's hands, Cynthia's hopes of changing the world for the better and creating a better life for humankind will keep on rolling. But the number of books disseminated across the world or its rank in prestige book listings does not always reflect an author's worth.

The world can see the feather in the author's cap in the pairs of eyes who have understood the values she had worked hard to convey. Whether people do what they are utterly passionate about, their craft can turn itself into an extraordinary masterpiece if done under divine grace, no matter how simple it is.

Get to know more about Cynthia Harry and her beautiful literary works by visiting her website at

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