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The Female Code: Breaking Gender Stereotypes and Discrimination

You are a woman, not just a woman. In modern society, there are many things that women can do aside from the chores at home and bearer of a child. With opening opportunities for women, they are now educated, competent professionals, and remarkable county leaders. Women's empowerment is a great contribution to economic growth. It also has a role in sustainable development and social affairs all over the world.

On the trending news recently, Kamala Harris made the history of becoming the first black and south Asian American woman to be elected as the United States' vice president. Her biracial roots and upbringing reflect and appeal to most American identities. Indeed, the US demographics are blended with various races, cultures, gender, and religion now. That is why many are rooting for Kamala Harris as a game-changer and an inspiration for today's young generation.

"I am the first one but I won't be the last. Because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities." – Kamala Harris on the victory speech as VP elect in the US.

Likewise, as a political leader, Kamala Harris only shows that we should never stop ourselves from reaching the power of being a woman. Nothing is a hindrance; the female code breaks the barriers of gender biases and discrimination today.

This is also implied in the “Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr," written by Carl Anderson. According to Anderson, "this text dwells into womanhood and woman as an outsider, I wanted the beast connotation to metaphorically describe a female existence that cut down the traditional view on woman as princess – white and innocent." By reading this book, young women in the 21st century will acquire confidence and strength to fight for their rights as women and be standing proud to lead the crowd.

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