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The Fiddle of Doom Saga's Finale Awaits

The third installment of Fergal Joe's Fiddle of Doom saga is the culmination of the epic series' events. With "The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom 3: Schooldolas Grave," readers will see whether Rhymes Ramose will be able to achieve his mad scheme to avenge his sister's death by wiping out the world or if the heroes can successfully wield the titular fiddle to stop the villain.

The plot threads of the previous installments come to a head. In "The Rising of Souls," at the beginning of the saga, readers are introduced to Rhymes Ramose, who swears to destroy the world after his sister is slain by King Hovercraft. They also follow airplane pilot Keith Black and ship captain John Coiners on their quest to stop Ramose's scheme. John must also save his son, who is imprisoned after he burns a Golden Eagle. The pilot knows of the Golden Fiddle, the titular relic with the ability to contain an immortal's soul, making it the only thing that can defeat Rhymes Ramose.

In "Protectors of Weapons," Rhymes Ramose has unleashed his unholy legions from the underworld. These beings converge to Africa to find weapons buried in Mount Kina, which is guarded by two giants, Big-foot and Horses-ash, who are the gatekeepers of the mountain and the titular protectors of the weapon within it. Readers are also introduced to the Black Knight, the former ruler of the underworld who has been demoted to a mere highwayman, and Thousand Boils, the prince of darkness. They also seek the Fiddle of Doom in order to stop Rhymes Ramose's terror.

"Schooldola's Grave" is centered on the titular character who has been left in a coffin for ten thousand years. If he is unleashed from his sarcophagus, he has the potential to be a game changer and may be Earth's last hope for survival. At the same time, Thousand Boil is beginning to show his age and might no longer have what it takes to succeed in his quest - lest he regains the prowess of his youth. Captain John Coiner, Keith Black, and the crew of the Red Dragon are also ready to fight. In this finale, the heroes and the villains' paths finally cross in the culmination of the saga. The ultimate conflict is bound to begin.

About the Author

Fergal Joe was born in October 1975. He went to Fermanagh College and did a course in English, math, and brickwork. He also went to the Agricultural College Ennis Killen, where he did an NVQ level one in beef, sheep, and dairy. He helps his father on the farm from time to time. Currently, he works with computers and does picture framing as well as a level one coach in kayaking.

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