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The Final Warcry: The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom 3

Wars have always been a part of history; thus, the greatest wars of them all were always for freedom and justice. One that cannot be taken away or swayed by anything. In books, the final wars are always the peak of the book, for it shows where the future is forged and how the conflict ends. Author Fergal Joe in his continuation of The Golden Eagle and the Fiddle of Doom series, shows us what a majestic final battle could look like and what it means for the story and its characters afterward.

Released in 2021, The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom 3: Schooldolas Grave is the third book of Fergal Joe’s much-liked series, The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom. The story continues after ten thousand years have passed since Schooldola has been left in a coffin. The savior has been asleep for too long, and the time has come for him to save the day. Thousand Boil has gotten old and weak, but will he get back to his youth, or will it be too late? On the other hand, Captain John Coiners will have to fight the crew of the Red Dragon. Will they be able to triumph all of the wars, or will the time run out for all of them? That is what the third book offers for the fans of The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom series.

The maker of the book, Fergal Joe’s inspiration, came from his love of literature, films, and T.V. series such as Harry Potter, Hercules, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Lord of the Rings. A farmer’s son who has dyslexia, his first career was working with computers and picture framing. Since then, he has spent his free time writing stories to exercise his brain and tell the world how his imagination works. His third book is the one that the readers should look out for!

The first book, The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom 1, start with a thrill of a world anew and slowly descends to a world that is ravaged by forces, and the second one, The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom 2, introduces the readers to more characters and conflicts in the story. All weaved together, and the trilogy offers an escape from reality and a refreshing take on fantasy and magic. Fergal Joe does not hold back when it comes to details as he encourages the readers to dive deeper into the book to know more about what will happen. He is able to manipulate the story to have plot twists that will have the readers on the edge of their seats.

The rollercoaster ride of a story might look like its end, but each new chapter reveals more of the backgrounds, the plot, and occasionally, the future. Dive into the newest series of 2021, The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom series, and you just might find your next favorite read.

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