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The Force That Shaped Us

Stories influenced us more than we could ever imagine. As children, we were protected by magical stories from the realities of life. But as we grow older, the light from the stories starts to dim as reality sinks in. Nevertheless, fables and stories we've grown to love shaped our characters, morals, and creative thinking.

Fun With Tables by Victoria Fabling

A family-friendly, inspiring book called "Fun with Fables," written by Victoria Fabling can revive your sense of wonder and belief in your magical skills. You can think of this book as a companion you can open for comfort and relaxation. If you pick this book up randomly and read a story to your loved one(s), you'll be making the right decision because it has a pure intent and a magical undertone.

Author, Victoria Fabling
Author, Victoria Fabling

The author, Victoria, was born and raised in Yorkshire, England, and has lived in London, France, and Canada. Due to her love for beauty and fascination with the predictive nature of the style, she began her career in the fashion industry. Victoria retrained as a graphologist in search of more profound communication. She was hired by an international matchmaker to do handwriting analysis but decided to change her career to counseling and healing, backed by her background in psychology.

Broaden your mind and allow the spiritual insights to come to you, and embrace them, for no matter how hard and dark the road you're taking, you'll see hope guiding you through it.

To know more about the author and her work, you can visit her website

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