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The Fun in Writing Your Own Book

Being a writer comes with unexpected struggles. There may come a time where you will feel exhausted, undriven, and uncertain of what you are writing that it led you to stop and let it stay there as a draft. Moments like this genuinely bring unspeakable sadness to aspiring writers because it felt like a responsibility you cannot commit yourself because of inner blocks. But before you completely stop writing your book, have you ever evaluated the good outcomes in finishing and publishing your book?

Dear Chums! I Am in Kazakhstan! is a book written by Tracy Smith while she is in Aktau, Kazakhstan. She wrote this book after she sent her mom with an account of one of her shopping trips, and so her mom told her to write a book about it, so she did! The book has a series of heartwarming letters to family and friends and reflects some cultural differences between Kazakhstan and the UK. But this book is not a travel guide but a compilation of experiences, fictional stories, and her idea of being an expatriate wife. Dear Chums! I Am in Kazakhstan! is truly an endearing and lighthearted read ideal for everyone.

Like Tracy Smith, she wrote the book in the simplest way, yet it turned out catchy, relatable, and entertaining. She puts her life experiences in Kazakhstan through words, then shares them with her family and lets everyone read them. For some, a book may be a tool to earn money and popularity, but for writers like Tracy Smith, it is a tool to express, influence, and share happiness.

Keep in mind that whatever you write, as long as it comes from the depth of your soul, is always worth the exhaustion. So get your book draft, continue writing, and improve because your book does not have to be as huge as others, but still, it is fun to know that you leave a piece of yourself in this world—and that’s all that matters. Unleash your potential to live boldly and reveal yourself through interweaved words. Writing does not always need an extravagant plot, heavy ideas, and excessive effort. Like Tracy Smith, it just needs a heart and openness to share yourself and your struggles genuinely.

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