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The Gorgeous Mr. Zane: An Easy-To-Read Yet Complex Story About the Life of a Mistress

It is evident in today’s times that every individual in their 20’s concern themselves with their own romantic relationships and financial responsibilities. A complex story yet easy-to-read about a woman going through her own adult life.

Harry Stefano, in her book called “The Gorgeous Mr. Zane,” clearly and briefly puts us in the perspective of our main character, an unnamed woman. She gives us a clear view of current social norms, the status quo, the hardships of being a mistress, and the 1960’s subculture that we are reliving today. Our main character narrates and gives us an in-depth look at her middle-class livelihood, her love affair with Mr. Zane, and lavishes in detail about her daily to yearly expenses about her groceries, desires, furniture, her weight gains and losses, and the likes.

Visions on writing the book According to Harry Stefano, this book is based on her personal observations of busy working people and how she envisions her book as an easy read to be satisfying and enjoyable. Like the famous author Jane Austin, who wrote “Pride and Prejudice,” which heavily revolves around marriage and wealth.

Ideas about the social community of today Harry Stephano believes that the main theme from her book would be self-improvement and how she thinks women still need to work hard and be very accomplished. As an author, she aims for this to be thought-provoking and to stir strong emotions from readers about housewives and working women.

More about the book As said by the author herself, this book explores the 1960’s subculture and will stir many emotions from women (and possibly men). She is currently working on a sequel —though unclear as to what it’s about— and that “The Gorgeous Mr. Zane” will hopefully get a film adaptation from Hollywood. 

Additional questions about the book and the author · Is this book lengthy, and how long will it take to read? Worry not since this book is only around 50 pages long and would only take a few hours to read (without distractions) and is best to read in your free time. Despite it being short, it’s a good book to pass the time and have your emotions and thoughts stirred around the book’s theme.

· Does the author have any other books published? So far, this is the only book published by the author, but you should expect a sequel coming up in the future, which will undoubtedly be worth the read, so please support her book.

Thoughts The story will definitely leave you hanging for wanting to see more of what happens in her own life if you are the type to find satisfaction in these kinds of books. There are many points in the main character’s life that you might find questionable, especially if you have a feminist mindset. Though there are lots of revelations that you learn along the way about the challenges she faces in living the life of a mistress. All in all, an excellent read to pass the time yet complex and disturbing that will surely leave you thinking.

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