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The Gorgeous Mr. Zane and the Modern Woman

In this world where success is defined by properties, money, and everything material, finding ways to be recognized with success often follows a certain path of gaining more material things.

Women have explicitly become redefined by this culture. This day and time have redefined the role and value of mistresses. At least twenty years ago, women who are mistresses were considered an outcast of society. Being a mistress is something that a woman should be ashamed of. With immorality in the picture and the possible frail desire to get as many monetary gains from these relationships, mistresses are considered cheap. They are unable to find the proper way to live their lives. Often disowned by their parents and the whole family, mistresses are considered outcasts of society.

However, the book of Harry Stefano entitled The Gorgeous Mr. Zane creates a quite different picture for mistresses. As if providing the other side of the mirror, this reading provides a clearer definition of mistresses’ life. The main character of the story is a woman who has seemingly established a relationship with a married man. But the story does not talk so much about the human relationship that she has with the rich man, as much as it defines the adventures she has with regards to the connection and relationship that she has with the material gains from this connection. 

Instead of drawing the character as socially dismissed, the main character in this story takes pride in what she does. Although the setting is likely when the society is not yet ready to accept the mistress culture, it can be understood that Harry Stefano wanted to present a different idealism that is usually accepted by society. 

The story behind The Gorgeous Mr. Zane is a challenging narrative that puts the social lens in focus. In a way, the story creates a different picture that intends to question the usual norm. Taking a different turn on how the society recognizes mistresses, the main character of this story creates a new form of presentation- one that defines a compelling truth about the life of a mistress- a woman who may be outside of the legally married connection between two people but are specifically creating a huge impact on the marriage and the family as well. 

Harry Stefano’s writing is both interesting and exciting. While it does challenge social norms, it creates a rather definitive function on how society is changing now- how material demands are becoming weightier compared to moral concerns. The concern of the world over mistresses to be ostracized from society is becoming a bleak concern, especially because it is now becoming a new culture that has normalized women’s position in society. Reading through this narrative gives you a better sense of how the changes in modern society and the focus of success draw the redefinition of morals.

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