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The Gorgeous Mr. Zane: Understanding the Psychology of a Mistress

Most women dream of becoming a wife all their lives.

They look forward to their magical wedding when their lives can finally become exciting and wonderful. After all, they finally found the perfect one. So, they say their vows and plan the long life of marriage ahead of them.

Building a perfect family gives a certain sense of pride to women. Everyone wants to go home and embrace their children and husband after a long day of work. Knowing that someone will take care of you and your children, you wake up each day with a smile on your face. It's simply a life worth living.

But that is not always the case for many women. Some actually prefer to take a different route.

Mistresses don't believe in the promise of a happy family. The social status that can be attained in having intelligent children or a loving husband does not appeal to them. Furthermore, some women have already set their mind on this strange lifestyle that they'd rather run away from all signs of a marriage in their midst.

Contrary to popular belief and movie representations, mistresses are not always portraying a seductive image. In truth, some women would rather be the other woman because of their weakness in finding a relationship. These are women who will accept any love that comes their way, even if it means having an affair with a married man.

There is also a different type of mistresses who are not driven by weakness and the lack of options. These women prefer to be alone than steal a married man from his wife. A good number of mistresses are quite comfortable with the exciting life of one-nightstands and secret rendezvous. They'd rather dodge the bullet than being shacked with a single man forever.

There are still a lot of things society has to know about the psychology of mistresses. Is it a product of societal issues? Is it the nature of some women to follow such a miserable life?

Harry Stefano's The Gorgeous Mr. Zane is a great book that shows women's importance in our society. It also explores the psychology of being a mistress. In her book, women take center stage to showcase the realities of our world. The book defines our current societal attitudes, challenging social norms, and modern times. The story also revolves around the harsh reality of a mistress' life while also describing women's empowerment in modern times. It shines the light on an eccentric woman who doesn't like to be controlled by society.

Just like the portrayal of mistresses in our culture, Stefano's The Gorgeous Mr. Zane offers a bit of an exposé that will intrigue the readers until the last page.

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