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As humans, we all gradually make mistakes that cause us pain. Even though it was consciously inflicted or not, we often make these mistakes when we try to search for the things we desire in places where we shouldn't be in the first place. The pain that we acquire in these sorts of situations is often the hardest ones to heal.

We usually blame ourselves for all the wounds our bad decisions and life choices have caused us. We often wished that we could turn back time to correct those mistakes and avoid such painful events, but fate doesn't possess that much benevolence to give such grand privilege. However, this does not mean that we are refrained from correcting these mistakes, and all the wounds we have must forever lie in vain.

Pain goes beyond our abilities to avoid, control, and change. But healing is something that we choose for ourselves. They can be as simple as waking up in the morning to look yourself in the mirror and say, "you can have a fresh start." Or getting yourself a cup of coffee that you always enjoy, granting yourself small satisfaction instead of coping in a corner and suffer from things you can no longer fix.

The book Getting Over Mr. Zane - Stepping Out emphasizes this matter. It's a sequel to The Gorgeous Mr. Zane, the 1st book of Harry Stefano. It follows Harry Stefano's story as she tries to heal and control her life after all the unfortunate events that happened to her in the first book. It reflects her brave struggles and challenges towards overcoming everything that hurt her in the past. She finally set herself free from all the things that chained her in her nightmares. A great reminder that regardless of how challenging your fights could be, there is so much more in you.

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