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The Home-schooling Conflict: Why can't we just have academic freeze?

As we currently face a devastating crisis that is rapidly embracing the world, we can’t help but feel enraged how some countries let the school reopen in the middle of chaos. Plenty of concerns arise due to the online and modular class being implemented during these challenging times. For some reason, some students could not afford a stable internet and gadgets due to losing a job that so many people experienced these days. In addition to that, they do not have a nice place to stay while they have an online class. While other students enjoy the comfort of staying in their own home, other students out there wished they are outside of their home due to constant arguments of their parents and a lot more.

Furthermore, there is still a vast difference between home-schooling and face-to-face class. First of all, the teacher might not implement quality education due to students’ poor internet connection. On top of that, concentration while studying at home is undoubtedly a huge challenge, and students might also feel isolated due to online classes. Even in some countries, some students committed suicide due to conflict in an online class. As mentioned above, there are raising concerns regarding the home-school class amid pandemic, and yet, the government officials do not even hear those concerns.

But the most outstanding issue that should be focused on here is how they can implement quality education if the world is facing a more significant issue now? Moreover, is there an alternate way to acquire caliber learnings during these days?

Interestingly, a play written by Arthur Ziffer and co-authored by the first mathematician who won a Noble prize named Herbert Hauptman, titled On the Shoulders of Giants—has a relatable topic which we can use these days. It is a story that revolves around Newton when he was still the master of the hint in England; furthermore, it talks about fascinating topics we all can learn to. But how will students find this book helpful?

The title of the play denotes a positive meaning to every people who aim to learn. It is the most popular expression in English created by Isaac Newton, which means to use the comprehension of significant thinkers in the past to continue the progress of intellectual realms. Students need to understand that learning is not found only in educational institutions. Instead, they can find and learn everywhere. In other words, this play written by Ziffer and Hauptman will inspire not just those students who aspire to learn even in these trying times, but also those people who aim to acquire a new foundation of knowledge regardless of age, status, and gender.

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