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The Horrors of the Underworld in The Assignment by Georgi Nenchev

The criminal underworld is filled with unimaginable horrors, and there is a ton of speculation regarding its existence. Too many stories of violence and undeniable gore that will raise the hair on our backs at first mention. In this new thriller, Georgi Nenchev brings us on a horrifying yet mysterious adventure and more!

Released in 2011, The Assignment by Georgi Nenchev follows the story of a medical doctor who encounters a gang after a late-night shift. The brutality of their actions and scenery prompts the doctor to experience a monumental and catastrophic change in his perspective. He decides to learn more about the gang lifestyle and suddenly feels that he is being drawn in. He is slowly changed by his new lifestyle and becomes a different person: brutal, real, and fearful, and as he goes deeper into the criminal nature of society, he is able to learn the true nature of humankind.

“We can’t blame the rapists and the murderers. It’s only when they rape and kill, only when they torture their victims and listen to their moans and agony, it’s only when they see the pain and suffering on their faces… only then do they feel alive! It is the single most vivid experience in their existence. That’s what drives them to live on. How can we take that away from them?” I looked at them inquisitively. “God made them that way. Who are we to judge them?”

- An excerpt from The Assignment.

Georgi Nenchev was born in the city of Sophia and was born on June 24, 1971. He is from the town of Gabrovo near the geographical center of Bulgaria. Growing up with a keen interest in medicine, nature, and the strange and occult, he studied at National Nature and Mathematical Science School and finished his studies in Medicine at Medical University in the town of Pleven. His books are founded on his viewpoint on life and human nature. He has already published two books: The Assignment under SBPRA and Raider Publishing Internation and Stories Not for Children- an action fantasy anthology under Xlibris.

Seeing the evil and injustice in the world and how people in power have profited from the violence and misery of the world, Nenchev was able to build a character that becomes entranced with the underworld that only thrives on its laws and begins doing his part in correcting the injustices that cannot be easily solved through proper authorities. His main theme in the book is about the consequence of human nature and how the unfairness of the world brings out the darkness of humanity and emphasizes the triggers of one’s character一, specifically, the reasons that made them criminals.

The author paints a picture of gore and violence on the streets from the perspective of one who has begun his journey in the criminal underworld. In it, the readers are able to immerse themselves in a lawless and mysterious world where people do not follow society’s whims and wishes. What Nenchev brings to the table is a newfound perspective of humanity, one that deepens the discussion about criminality and deviance. The disturbing yet enlightening theme of the book brings readers close to the reality of violence and how it has affected people one way or another.

The Assignment brings the chills and the thrills as one is slowly drawn in through Nenchev’s artistic narrative and description of the underworld. He speaks of reality as it is and doesn’t sugarcoat the vile side of humanity.

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