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The Human Life Metamorphosis: Why do changes happen?

People are afraid of changes. Why? We simply hate the fact that things will never be the way it used to be. However, change is an inevitable process of life. Caterpillars that crawl on the ground and leaves will eventually undergo a complete metamorphosis, so they’ll turn into a glamorous butterfly flying around. If insects like them can change beautifully, we humans are capable of changing positively too. Circumstances will always shape a person by shaping an individual means a demanding act of dynamics to attain a particular goal. If that means you have to act older, then throwing tantrums anytime you want is no longer acceptable. In other words, a lot of things need to be sacrificed when you are determined to change and create changes; frequently, change means leaving your past and never do it again. 

On the other hand, some of your family members and friends are also in the process of changing. Keep in mind that life is not always about you, so if something is not usual to them, then perhaps, it’s time to show respect to their decisionJosie Townsend, the author of There Was Once Was a Girl, tackles about Josie, a 27-year-old blonde, athletic, and a very naive woman, who was raised in a Christian home where people are full of grace and innocence. As she lives in the place, she hopes for a better future for herself; however, fate has different plans. This novel is based on a true story and even considered as a controversial Australian drama. Nonetheless, it seeks an answer to the question: Can she return to the goodness of the girl she once was?

The novel speaks about how Josie’s surroundings and situation shape her. Sometimes, when we are stuck in a small place and repeatedly meet the same people, we can’t help but notice how little our world is. We experience little emotions and gain few experiences; frequently, we are frightened to try something new to fear frustrating ourselves in the end. Like Josie, changes arise when we meet new places and people, and it’s normal. Whatever change people acquire, even if it does not end in your favor, you have to understand that it is their life and decisions. That is where they found themselves. In the same way, Josie braved the rising waves of change; she remained rigorous throughout.

Moreover, Josie Townsend also has another novel called Can’t See Around Corners, which talks about the fraternal twins born in wealth and privilege and how their strong bond fades over time. Indeed, Josie Townsend tells a story that everyone can relate to in a more profound sense.

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