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The Investigation of Hurricane In Las Vegas

While every person has the capacity for both good and evil, we are also born with the ability to discern between the two.

When dilemma has erupted in the city, and it appears that the showgirls are mysteriously vanishing on the beam, Wayne Newman summons him to Las Vegas along with his new love, Janice Jenkins, whom he affectionately refers to as "Tornado." They set out to unravel the mystery behind the vile act. Hurricane's assertion, however, quickly reaches a given threshold when Janice disappears, and he reveals what the kidnapped girls are getting themselves into.

Author, Joseph Cacciotti
Author, Joseph Cacciotti

After spending several hours reading other articles regarding human trafficking, Joseph Cacciotti decided to publish Hurricane Strips Las Vegas. This tale, about a detective named Hurricane Sam Rufus, is filled with long-haul action and adventure. He has been given a shield and unrestricted authority to help anyone in need in the United States since he saved a judge from impending death.

Mystery novels have always appealed to Joseph Cacciotti. In his third fictitious work, Hurricane Strips Las Vegas, he chose to invent a tale about human trafficking to inform readers that this is a fundamental problem in the modern world. He desired a name that shouted destruction, hence the existence of Hurricane! He took special care to ensure that the novel flows with action and excitement from front to back, so readers aged fourteen and up will certainly find it difficult to put it down.

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