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The Life of an Effervescent Woman: Anna by David Castells Angelet

Women are amazing beings. They can be grandmothers, mothers, sisters, leaders, and revolutionaries in the world. We see amazing stories of women that came from nothing and have established everything themselves, building life from scratch. In his new book, author David Castells Angelet shows us an effervescent woman, a mother, and a leader in her own community.

Released in 2021, Anna follows the story of a wonderful woman named Anna, whose feet have brought her closer to her dreams. Not only that, but the book tells of her life, her work in the world, and her tenacity that resulted in her success as a woman in a world dominated by men. Not only that, but it details the challenges that life has brought to her and the blessings that were bestowed upon her in life. Making sure that she had all the tools to go on and do more work than intended. It is a wonderful story for young girls and adolescents who need a guide about their own lives.

David Castells Angelet is already an established author through several masterpieces he had written for the world. His works have been noticeable, if not, a great contribution to the literary world. Anna is one of the new books he has published just in the recent year. He has worked on several missions and has studied greatly in his younger years. Inspired by his mother, the book is solely dedicated to her and the wonder she has brought into the world.

The book offers a peek into the life of a woman whose main purpose in the world is to not only help but also to spread kindness and love to those around her. David illustrates a modern woman ahead of her time, detailing her sweetness and her fierceness when it comes to the challenges that life has brought in front of her. The characters around her can be a quirky bunch, but the main protagonist feels like the salt and light of the world. With that being said, the book provides the readers with a beautiful picture of what it truly means to be a woman in the world. David does not spare a detail in this book and narrates every moment beautifully along with engaging dialogues. This book tells not only an ordinary story but a story of a woman who has navigated life so wonderful that it works for her and benefits her success.

Anna will reignite one’s passion for dreaming, a wonderful guide in navigating the challenges of the world, and how to look upon the circumstances with positivity, hope, and fierceness that can take us to the top. Anna herself might have only started her success with symbols and dreams, but David shows the readers that they too can dream and that they too have a special place in the world where, like Anna, they can be their very own kind of special.

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