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The Lived Experiences of George E. Saurman While Growing Up in the Mid-twentieth Century

Memories in the past have taught us valuable lessons. Even today, in our present time, the challenges and accomplishments will forever be engraved in our hearts. Generations passed by without deeply knowing the history of the past. The experiences that they have to overcome, and how the life that we have today has changed drastically, may it be for the better or worse. That is why George E. Saurman, the author of the book 'Revisiting the Memories of Yesterday' has shared his story of the circumstances and occurrence of growing up in the mid-twentieth century.

George E. Saurman is a 95 years old man who married his beloved wife, Mary Elizabeth Ewen, in 1950. They had four children, eight grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren. Even with the death of his wife in 2012, George would forever think of Mary as the most wonderful woman in the world. Mary had been a great partner for sixty-two years of their married life. Their life was not easy, and there were many hindrances that they had to overcome that tested their faith. Despite this, they lived a successful and fulfilling life that has been an inspiration to many.

George graduated with honors in 1943 from the Upper Darby High School. He received his Bachelor's Degree, Cum Laude, from Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA. Through his book Revisiting the Memories of Yesterday, he shared his experiences of engaging in the second world war with Gen Patton's Third Army in Germany to retirement from the PA House of Representatives. His life shifted from one setting to another. It has brought him lessons and enlightenment of what is happening in our society.

George gained a lot of knowledge as a combat infantryman in Europe during WWII. He met people from across the country that shared the same experiences that he did. George learned the vital part of accepting responsibility and thinking of others with all the obstacles that he went through. He learned discipline and that God will always be with us despite the difficulties in our life. The author had witnessed numerous things during WWII that he wanted to share with all of us. Included is the Rosie the Riveter, where women replaced men in industrial tasks; there were power shortages; gas, margarine, and sugar proportioning; and the Gold Star mothers. But there was more than just the observed changes in customs. In his journey, he witnessed the introduction of new things to replace the old ones that had become extinct.

With his book 'Revisiting the Memories of Yesterday,' George E. Saurman encourages us to look back into the past. The book is written through the eyes of a man who has been a part of it all. It covers not only the interesting happenings in his life but also the adventure of living through it all - a well-written book of the memoir during the mid-twentieth-century phenomenon.

If you are looking for an enjoyable and wholesome book that will indeed give you a memorable experience in just one sitting, 'Revisiting the Memories of Yesterday' written by George E. Saurman, is a book worth reading!

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