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The Love Equality Within Two Souls

Sometimes, love also involves offering the totality of yourself to your partner. However, some people tend to feel occupied, consumed, and empty in the end. And for them, giving their everything is not the best idea at all. But looking at the situation from a broader perspective, it is not really a mistake that you have given and offered all of you to the person. Because the mistake is you have chosen the wrong person to give yourself. So, the question is, why do couples end up in this horrible situation?

The most erroneous failure couples struggle with is a lack of healthy communication. Of course, if you and your partner are no longer speaking with one another, then find a way to communicate. And see if there is still hope between the two of you. But a lot of couples mistakenly communicate in a relationship. They believed it is all about asking the other partner, listening to their troubles, and a lot more. This type of communication is undoubtedly a massive step in transforming the relationship more firmly. However, talking is not enough. You should ask yourself… do our conversations meant to build a healthy and fair relationship?

Indeed, it is unhealthy that while you talk about your day and all your whatnots… the other person tends to shut himself/herself so you could enjoy talking about yourself. In the end, it is only you who gained understanding, satisfaction, and relief while your other partner is still crippling to the hidden sorrows he/she kept. In other words, consuming the relationship by your means will only end the relationship up in havoc. Equality is an essential tool for couples. Each couple must give ways to one another and always choose to communicate healthily so that you will be able to establish a profound connection with your partner.

Harry Stefano, the author of one of the best novel titled: The Gorgeous Mr. Zane, shows in his written works how equality in certain related matters. Although the book tackles more a sensitive subject for it is about a mistress and how she dealt with all the difficulty of her status; still, this is a must-read book, especially for couples working on having a fair-and-square relationship. On top of that, the book tackles societal issues, which can help enlighten us regarding the problems of our society today. All in all, this book was written engagingly and in a manner that is simple yet in-depth with content.

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