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Offering seats to old ladies on subways, giving street people spare changes for charity, or just simply smiling at a stranger, all of these things are considered to be kind. These actions are actually naught but simple things we can all commit ourselves to in our everyday life. But have you ever wondered how far these kind actions could possibly go? The spare change you have in your pocket right now could save a young child stomach from hunger; offering seats to an old lady in a subway can ease down her indescribable exhaustion in life; a smile could save a person from a bad day or even give him a glimpse of hope in a dark abyss he might be in. These kind and loving actions could mean more to others than that of we conceived it by ourselves.

Love and kindness are undeniably free. Thus, have we ever thought of why many people fail to commit themselves to it despite this fact?

It is indeed never a joke when someone said that kindness could save a life, this is proven in David Castells' book Gracies, which entails a story of Laila, a single mother who gave love and sanctuary to three souls, her friends Joan and Judith, and a kid named Mary.

Despite poverty, Laila did not hesitate to help her friends Joan and Judith, who were both poverty-stricken and have undergone prostitution, to get by in life. Laila showed extraordinary kindness and consideration for the two by accepting them for who they are and not degrading their characters and lives because of their jobs. This gave the two hopes that they could still live a life without having to sacrifice their humanity. Laila's kindness has given both Judith and Joan a second chance in life they never thought they would be getting.

On the other hand, Mary, a friend of Laila's son, Jacob, is an orphan from the streets she did not hesitate to take after learning her harsh situation. Mary, who was repeatedly abused in the streets by multiple people, was engaged in trauma and other hardships. Despite this, Laila did not give up on her, and she persevered to help her heal and live a normal life as if she was her own. This act of kindness by Laila allowed the child to get over her fears and heal herself from everything she has gone through.

Unlike Laila, we don't usually have to commit ourselves to great responsibilities for others' sake. However, Laila's courses of action are written for the sake of reminding us and proving the fact that you can turn someone's life upside down with love and kindness. We all can do this because each of us is kind by nature, by the hand that created us all in His image—God. And if you wonder how Laila could commit these things, it is because there are people who were once kind to Laila. This is hereby proof that kindness transcends from one person to another; the kindness we give to others is a kindness that will be given to more people.

So why are love and kindness is said to be infinite? Is it because the world is full of it? No.

It is because it's always and continuously passed on from one another, creating a world that is better and lovelier.

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