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The Many Faces of Power

Power is a curious thing. It resides in everyone. It never falters, and it never picks. It lives to the good and righteous, but it is also true to the bad and evil. War, politics, and sorcery all play out in claiming power in the world created by M.A. Frost. It follows a story of rebels who fought to liberate their land against a corrupt ruler. Years and years following the rebel’s success, power is contested when the ruler, the king of the realm, dies with no apparent heir or relatives to accede to the throne. The king’s former disciple then decides to grab the open seat of power to launch a dynasty of his own. However, enemies were outraged by the events that unfolded, escalating a civil war on the process. Secrets are discovered. Sorcery becomes a key player. Death becomes a welcoming friend. In the world of The Freelancers: The Black Shield and the Red Fortune, who will win the realm?

The fantasy genre is always enjoyable to read because they give you the license to see the world not as it is but to what the author has created in his head. It lets you live a thousand lives, giving you complex stories with black, white, and even gray characters spanning all walks of life. The richness of the genre is what makes it fun, but since it is crowded, weak stories can get shelved quickly. However, The Freelancers: The Black Shield and the Red Fortune by M.A. Frost is not one of those soft stories.

In his book, Frost delivers a masterpiece that fleshes out what the fantasy genre can offer. Intrigue, deception, and adventure coupled with characters from mercenaries to royalty that is equally well developed fill the pages of his book that fantasy readers will pick up and delight upon. The story highlights the struggles of a united people in the process of conquering their oppressors. Amid the tragedy and betrayal, victory and defeat, the fate of the realm, the oppressors, and the oppressed remain in balance as their undertakings take on to the pursuit of winning and claiming the realm.

M.A. Frost graduated with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering but launched his career as a web developer while discovering his career interests. Developed writing as a hobby but started seeing it as something else when he kept crafting the fictional world of what would be his book, “The Freelancers: The Black Shield and the Red Fortune,” into fruition.

“I thought of this story from my own fantasy. It was inspired from many other high fantasy stories and folktales. The more I thought about it, the more details I created and before I realized it, I have created more than just a story. I created a fantasy world with mythical creatures and many interesting characters to follow. As I expanded its universe, it just became too good to have it remained untold.”

You can connect with Frost with his social media handles:

Twitter: @MAFrost14

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