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The Message Inside God Authored Cabal Concept by Rev Emmanuel Oghene

Rev Emmanuel Oghene is a well-known author. People of almost all age groups popularly read all his books. Emmanuel is described as a paper pulpit pastor and a bible preacher by multiple publications. He has published several teachings on the gospels of Christ Jesus, and he has been preaching the same since 1994. Being in the field for years now, Rev Emmanuel Oghene is now one of Christ's gospels' best teachers. He started publishing his works back in 2004.

God Authored Cabal Concept is one of his famous books. In this book, he shows Jeremiah as the determinant of the nations' destiny. He lived up to this role throughout his life as per the prophecies. The author has narrated how Jesus operated with a three-man cabal made up of John, James, and Peter. This trio was career and professional partners before they became the disciples of Jesus.

The author also sheds light on the fact that Pharaoh made Joseph a one-man cabal to run his empire. The same way Darius made Daniel run his Babylonian empire. The author shows how such a setting was prevalent in society, no matter the constituent's size. The cabals lived inevitable and exemplary lives. Esther and Mordecai were cousins, and they held sway.

His writings include Jesus’ Prayer Prescriptions, Just Like Daddy & Mummy, Marvellous Mothers’ Mentality, Methods & Tactics, Moses’ Double Standard Dealership, Save us to Serve you, Regrettable Relatives, Their Mindsets, This Stage-Managed Life & World, etc. The audiences that visit his seminars are fond of the teachings, and they often comment that he gives a very realistic interpretation of God's word.

The bible is God's message to mankind. Rev Oghene interprets each passage figuratively and narrates the deeper meaning of it. If interested, you can reach out to him to know more about his seminars and teachings. Write to him at You can also choose to reach out to him on 00447440716556.

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