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The Metaphor of the Broke: Chances of Falling Apart Relationships

Was it just me or the two of us?

Ending a relationship is tough and dramatic. There are many reasons for a “break-up” or divorce (for married couples), such as differences, distance, infidelity, or even domestic violence. Among all the reasons, defensiveness is the greatest explanation of a divorce. This is the inability to listen to all ears what the other person or partner is trying to express. The stubborn pride and denial reign the most, so there is no room for understanding and patience. The discussions revolve around false and frustrations that lead to intense friction causing to relationship to fall apart for real.

At first, it can be uncomfortable to initiate a breakup, especially for a spouse. There are a lot of things to consider, and the emotional investment is high. However, coming up with a divorce decision should be well-thought-of based on the damage done and the chance of working out to start again. There are times that it feels just right to let go of this person because valuing more your self-worth and peace of mind. Releasing all the tension of emotion within you is the best thing to do after a breakup. If you are a writer, poetry creates the best metaphor for an emphatic grounding of these emotions – pain and resentment.

It resonated more with me while reading this excerpt in the book Mother-Father Complex, written by Carl Anderson.

This man that you were

That made me so happy.

That I did things for

That would never have come.

To mind without you

That just in a second

Said goodbye,

Opened the door

And disappeared from me.

Like a shadow

From some kind of a spy movie

When suddenly a friend

Becomes the worst enemy in my life.

The book shared the rapture of emotional baggage about a falling apart relationship. Both parties throw the blame at each other. It makes sense as humans have this tendency to be as rage and dramatic as they can. It is fascinating to encounter it through honest poetry like in the book Mother-Father Complex by Carl Anderson.

Being broke does not mean total darkness and the real end of the story. It is the part of the process that eventually you can get up and mend everything back together. So, the next time you fall in love again, be the happier and better person you can be!

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