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The Mystery at Boville

Land Old Town

Alma lives in Boville, a tiny village far from ours, where it rains constantly and thick mists surround the chimneys. She is intrigued by the mountain that shields Boville from the sun, and she scrutinizes the peak whenever the fog lifts. She and her faithful cat Oyster often visit their friend Zephira, an ancient, mysterious old lady who tells wonderful tales and legends. Zephira tells Alma, "Things were not always as they are today...," and she describes a sunny, warm Boville with flowers in all the windows and tall green trees around the village center. Boville is so damp and gloomy that’s why Alma and Oyster accept the challenge and go on a dangerous, secret quest. There are surprising results.

This amazing book is authored by Judith Mitchell. She was born in New York City into a family of academics and has always been surrounded by books. Her parents read fairytales, myths, and classic children's books to her, fostering a joy of reading. She writes and illustrates many children's books for major publishers. Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Art History and did intensive graduate work in Archaeology and Anthropology.

Author: Judith Mitchell
Author: Judith Mitchell

I’m convinced that you will like this story -- that’s why you’re still reading this -- so what are you waiting for? Read the whole story, bookworms.


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