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Perfect Company II - Jesus Made Me A Saint

Heavenly things are often unrecognized. It is probably because we draw the line that it doesn't exist. However, if we acknowledge that they are real, especially through experience, we will invariably find that we always have a perfect companion ̶ Jesus Christ.

Author, Gloria Divine, writes about her many encounters with Jesus in her book, 'Perfect Company II (Jesus Made Me A Saint).'

Gloria was born in the Caribbean. At age 11, she moved to England, where she remained for about twenty years. She graduated and worked as a nurse. She also worked in the USA for a few years and now resides in Australia.

Given her optimistic and carefree personality, she mostly enjoyed parties, music, men, and sports, especially tennis. She finds bliss and comfort in the company of nature. She loves to venture and unwind at the beach. Different cultures and people fasinates her as she loves to see God in His creation.

Gloria states: "In 2006, Jesus responded to me positively in a dream that I should write. I have had many encounters and experiences with Jesus and the holy ones in the past, so I knew I could put something on paper. However, they did more than that. They helped me to write and supported me all the way." Jesus directed the author through dreams and inspirations. Writing the book 'Perfect Company II,' was something that came naturally as Jesus continued to direct and inspire Gloria through dreams and other occurrences. The book is in a diarised format for ease of reference and understanding.

The book seeks to enlighten readers about heavenly things and is Christian-based. Reflective of the author's experience, the stories within the book accounts for God's ways. The narratives show how He transformed a very sinful person into a saint, allowed Gloria to use her personal life situations and everyday stories to show His presence amongst us in this world, and revealed how evil is subtle and is present in churches and the workplace. These personal accounts of a transformed daughter of Christ will help unbelievers to see that Jesus is very real.

From the book, one of the notable pieces includes what Gloria wrote on the 25th of September 2013:

"Jesus always gives cues that He is near or involved in what is going on in one's life." It speaks of the readings from the Book of Ezra 9:5-9 and Deuteronomy 32:36 that implies 'God is compassionate to His children even though we have not deserved it.' Jesus always lets us know He is truly present and knows what is going on.

As the bible guided the author since young, she hopes to touch the heart and faith of both believers and unbelievers of the Heavenly Ones through her written work that exudes trust, faith, and conviction.

Have a little more faith and know that you are not alone on your journey. There is an alpha force watching over and right beside you.

Get to know more about Gloria Divine and grab a copy of the book at

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