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We all grew up knowing the fact that we are being raised by powerful women—our mothers. First, they carried and tended us in their wombs for nine months, endured the deadly pain of giving birth, and then proceed to their life-long journey of carrying us through our life until the last sigh of their breaths. Taking these things in, they already appear to be powerful enough to everyone, but how powerful could a mother really be?

David Castells' book, Gràcies gave us a good description of how powerful mothers could be. Gràcies follows the story of Laila, a single mother of two kids who worked hard and sacrificed a lot for her beloved children. Throughout the story, Laila demonstrated an unwavering will to provide what her children need despite her hardships. There was even a point in the story where she was raped and abused by her supervisor and still hesitated to leave her position because her children's well-being matters more than her own. Her mother's heart is also measured by when she took a street child home, Mary, who had multiple traumas that caused her to have nervous breakdowns. Even though Laila is not Mary's biological mother, she loved Mary as if she was her own, tending her needs and giving her love and affection as if she was the one who carried Mary in her womb for nine months. This gave Mary the courage to move forward in her life, allowing her to lead an everyday and happy life with Laila by her side as her mother.

Laila reflects every mother that the world has and their most potent attribute—their unconditional love for their children. Sacrificing things that are supposed to be for your good was never an easy thing to do, but mothers can even exchange their lives for the sake of their children in a blink of an eye without having any second thoughts. Their love also heals all sorts of wounds, from those taken from the ground and those inflicted in the heart.

Does this conclude why mothers are powerful?

The answer to this question is no, the list for this cause could go on as the clock ticks, but one thing is constant about this matter—mother's power will be seen in their children's eyes.

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