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The Power of Technology: How does it affect the kids?

On reminiscing about the past to our kids we can't help but wonder where all our freedoms went.

Most children no longer want to play outside and socialize with other kids; they would rather stay in the house and face their Ipads, phones, or computer and play games. Nowadays most kids only know virtual games so we, nostalgic adults, can't help feeling sad about the way their lives have turned out. Someday, when they have reached adulthood, maybe they will regret their lack of a more childish way of life.

Belinda Dupont Price, the author of How Buffalo Lost Her Coat: A Children's Tale from Nepal, had a vibrant childhood. She was born on a farm where her younger years were full of love and freedom with ponies and nature—something our kids nowadays would never desire.

Belinda's novel tells about a Buffalo's beautiful brown hairy coat when it is born. By the time the Buffalo becomes an adult the coat has disappeared, and only a grey, leathery skin covers the Buffalo's body. In the story the Nepalese children ask where that beautiful brown and hairy coat has gone—with that question, the story starts to unfold.

Just by analyzing Belinda Price's novel, it does not only connect with the children but to the adults too. With tons of responsibilities around, the life of an adult can be challenging. Like the story of Buffalo and how she lost her beautiful brown hair coat—perhaps, as an adult, all that's left is a dull grey skin slowly coating our inner self.

We expect that every child in the world will live like a normal naive being, but it dramatically affects our kids' lives when technology takes over their world. Through technology, we have made so many things more convenient for ourselves but it still has its downsides without proper use and control. It is so important not to allow our children unlimited access to technology but to give them more freedom to use their imagination and get out and play. The way things are technology and our parenting styles are affecting our children by impacting their growth.

How Buffalo Lost Her Coat: A Children's Tale from Nepal is a children's book filled with wisdom. It is undoubtedly the perfect one to read to our child before they sleep so that they will know the importance of childhood and with every second left it should be enjoyed as if there is no tomorrow. It also teaches them that even when things seem to go wrong in life it is sometimes for the best in the end.

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