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The Power of Vision

When an action does not have any vision, it will cause a tremendous nightmare. Truth be told that whatever it is in your mind, no matter how beautiful and powerful it may seem, it is still nothing without actions. However, if there are no plans before you act, it will create more damage and havoc. Vision is a powerful tool that can be used to bring perennial change for the generation, and all you've got to do is learn from great visionaries and find books tackling visions.

One example of a book with massive interest regarding change for improvement is Es Que Yo Soy El Kamikaze Japonés, a book written by David Castells Angelet. The book itself tackles possible major transformation for humanity and how the author envisioned it.

We all know how our lives changed because of the recent innovators' vision and how they fulfilled it that even during our times, we still benefit from it. Even Einstein stated that imagination is more important than knowledge, whereas the source of vision is imagination. With a little twisting of mind, we will be opened with a million possibilities to change this world to a greater extent, and David Castells Angelet believed that.

Another book written by David Castells Angelet titled Gracies, which was recently published at It will bring you back to the history of great times in a particular place called Manila. Traveling back and forth, David Castells Angelet unfailingly put his ideas from the past to the future through his writings. With his effective writing style and ideas, David Castells Angelet's books is a highly commendable one for its rich content and purposes in influencing people to think beyond the past and ahead of the present.

Enjoyable and mind-blowing, Es Que Yo Soy El Kamikaze Japonés and Gracies are indeed worth your time and effort. Let these books be your guide in mind-building visions and wise thoughts. In other words, stop feeding your mind junk and start reading books like this so that you will be filled with rational thoughts, and as you reason, your actions will follow too. Indeed, always find and come to the people who will help you build progressive thinking so that you are assured that it is on the right track in every vision you could think of.

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