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The Quest for the Fiddle of Doom Begins

A swashbuckling adventure awaits readers in the first installment of author Fergal Joe's saga, "The Golden Eagle and the Fiddle of Doom: The Rising of Souls." This tale of excitement and artifact chasing depicts a race against time as heroes seek to acquire powerful relics and preempt unearthly villains bent on destroying humanity and the world.

Events are set in motion when a man named Rhymes Ramose endeavors to destroy the world after his sister is slain by King Hovercraft, for he holds the entirety of humanity responsible for his sister's death. The story follows the efforts of plane pilot Keith Black and ship captain John Coiners as they race against time to thwart this mad scheme. The pilot and the captain have their vessels crashed or stranded in the desert in a most peculiar way. During their fateful meeting, John tells Keith that he was the captain of a ship named the Red Dragon and recounted to him how they found the Fiddle of Doom - an instrument that has the ability to capture an immortal's soul, which is essential for defeating Rhymes Ramose. During the process, John's son Michael burns a Golden Eagle and ends up in prison. Now he is bent on doing anything for his son.

John's woes and his willingness to save his son contrast Rhymes Ramose's love for his lost sister, his grief, and his mad scheme for revenge. With this story, Joe depicts the bond of family and love, especially how it can push people to go to extraordinary lengths to the right certain wrongs and injustices. In the case of John, he is merely bent on freeing his son. But for Rhymes, his grief has twisted his love into a desire for senseless destruction that will not help his lost loved one but only bring forth more suffering.

Love and despair turn out to be the driving forces of both the heroes and the villains as they seek to achieve their goals. The stakes will rise and the scale of these events will grow, ultimately setting the stage for the continuation of the saga.

For Rhymes Ramose will eventually summon forth his unholy legions from the underworld, and the heroes must strive even harder to stop him and save the world, as chronicled in the continuation of Joe's epic, "The Golden Eagle and the Fiddle of Doom: 2 Protectors of Weapons" and "The Golden Eagle and the Fiddle of Doom 3: Schooldolas Grave."

About the Author

Fergal Joe was born in October 1975. He went to Fermanagh College and did a course in English, math, and brickwork. He also went to the Agricultural College Ennis Killen, where he did an NVQ level one in beef, sheep, and dairy. He helps his father on the farm from time to time. Currently, he works with computers and does picture framing as well as a level one coach in kayaking.

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