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The Real Meaning of Spirituality and How it is Independent of Religion

The meaning of spirituality has developed and expanded over time, and various connotations can be found alongside each other. In the book written by Frank Daversa entitled 'Spirituality in the 21st Century', his purpose of writing is to ultimately enhance the readers' understanding of spirituality, life, and the world as much as they have enhanced the author's life.

"Spirituality means different things to different people, but I define it as having a close and personal relationship with God and the universe." —Frank P. Daversa.

He designed this book to provide hope and guidance for those starting on their spiritual journeys, those not currently satisfied with the extent of their spiritual development, and those who want to enhance the spiritual part of their lives otherwise.

It is meant to make you think and be a primer that starts you down the path toward spiritual self-discovery. It focuses primarily on achieving the crown jewel of spirituality: spiritual enlightenment. It covers many topics, from belief in God to spiritual paths and from truth to spiritual enlightenment.

As for the author's personal beliefs, he considers himself spiritual but not religious, and the book is essentially written from that perspective. So, one must take time and read this book to know how spirituality can stand alone and what life would be like with spirituality and without an emphasis on religion.

Lastly, this book focuses mainly on growth—in particular, spiritual growth.

If pursued with diligence, these ideas should help you begin to experience the growth process and acquire wisdom and inner peace when you're through. Visit Frank Daversa’s website at

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