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The Reality of Modern Spirituality

When we think of spirituality, the first things that can come to mind may be religion, psychics, or something intangible. Spirituality, however, is a broad concept that many are still finding a hard time understanding. In the modern world, people prefer to look at books that will allow them to understand spirituality. However, many of these books only try and scratch the surface, leaving the readers only confusing them with terms and jargon that can only be understood by scholars who focus on spirituality. One author’s approach to this problem and his talk of the reality of spirituality in the modern world will amaze you. If not, make you feel satisfied with the things you have learned through reading his book.

Spirituality in the 21st Century by Frank Daversa is an 110-page comprehensive book that tells you all you really need to know about spirituality in the modern world. It offers an insight into the divine, the world, and life and gives the direct assessment of spirituality as it exists today. With its different concepts, Daversa goes through different principles that will best explain the concept of spirituality, revolutionizing the way people will look at the topic. While many authors’ approaches need a high level of knowledge to understand, Daversa’s down-to-earth method allows the readers to see the world in a better light. One that helps them put things into perspective. Since the book does not go through so much trouble explaining parables, dogmas, and other metaphors, readers will be able to immerse themselves without thinking too much of what one chapter means and how it differs from the other as each turn of the page is an exploration of the soul and spiritual consciousness. The comprehensive book also discusses the five principles of spiritual enlightenment, spiritual lessons, spiritual paths, and their meaning. With that being said, the broad knowledge that the author imparts within the book will surely increase one’s appreciation of their own spirituality.

The author, Frank Daversa, is a freelance writer. He self-published his first book, Spirituality in the 21st Century, which internationally became a bestseller. He is also a business systems analyst with an extensive background in systems design, development, implementation, maintenance, and user support across a range of business applications and systems platforms. He is a determined, innovative and comprehensive individual that has also published two more books entitled Politics in America: A Guide to the Two-Party System, which offers an in-depth background in the country’s political system, and Young Adolf: An Alternate History which tackles an alternate course of Adolf Hitler’s life.

The spiritual book is intended for those who want to understand what spirituality means in their lives. Frank Daversa’s expertise in such matters directly gives it to the readers without any sugarcoating or overexplaining. Doing so allows the readers to peek into the modern situation of spirituality and enhance their growth process by providing key insights along the way. Daversa’s book explores our spirituality, making it a book truly for all ages.

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