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The Reality of the Animal in Man

Why does it feel like we have two sides to our personality, one we showcase to the public, our friends, and our family. The other can be labeled as violent, ignorant, and sometimes irritating. This is the animal in man that we need to engage with.

In Carl Anderson’s book: “The Beast,” he is fond of the Derridean Perspective as a theoretical tool. This led to the invention of “deconstruction” that involves humanity having to accept the animal in them. I can relate when it comes to this aspect. I am known to be more introverted, trying to avoid the spotlight. However, I also have a temper that comes out when things have been piling up.

This is the truth about human nature, and we should not be ashamed of it. If we all had one distinct personality within ourselves, life would be boring.

Every individual is unique, and we all have the traits that separate us from the rest. We shouldn’t get stressed out; if we throw a tantrum once in a while, it’s part of our nature to feel stressed and annoyed. This can be labeled as good for our mental health. We need to release things at times as opposed to keeping them in our chest.

This is why Psychology is so crucial in life. We need to understand ourselves and our environment, or we’ll struggle with anxiety.

If you feel you get irritated too often: that is normal. If you think it happens too often, do yourself a favor and get checked. We need to change this idea that having mental health is a bad thing; everyone encounters it. The more we avoid it, the more the problem will grow. If we don’t accept this sadistic side of ourselves, we will never heal. The sooner we accept the reality of the animal in man, the sooner we will recover and understand ourselves for the better.

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